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Date: 2014-07-23 11:38
Subject: The Birth of Baby Mark
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Tags:baby3, family, mothering, pregnancy, yay!
Born on Dec 19, 2013

My water broke at 7pm at 36w6d gestation. We were NOT ready, and I was
in denial that it was my water and not my bladder (despite the pads I
was soaking through).

Chad and I quickly packed bags for the hospital and for our kids'
imminent sleepover at their friends' house. We dropped the kids off
and finally left for the hospital at 9pm. I was having moderate
contractions about 10 minutes apart, though still thoroughly

I was brought into triage to verify my water had broken and was
3cm/80% at about 10:30pm. Still no regular contractions. The nurse
said she could see Mark's head, which was full of hair! I was
admitted and brought to a labor and delivery room.

Contractions got a little more painful, still 6-10 minutes apart. My
midwife checked me at 12 midnight and I was 4cm/90%. She told me to
rest and nap between contractions, so Chad and I got comfy and tried
to sleep.

I lost track of time at this point. But that doesn't mean much anyway.

I rested a while, in between contractions. I was able to simply
breathe through them while lying in bed. Then they became more
intense, and I moaned through maybe two more. But it wasn't a
progressive increase, it was suddenly much more intense.

I started to feel like pushing.

I tried to get Chad's attention; he had been sleeping. He got up
relatively slowly, not yet realizing how far things had jumped. I had
punched the button on for the nurses' station and told them "something
has changed".

The nurses came in, along with my midwife. I said I wanted to push and
flipped over onto my hands and knees. Holly checked me and said it was
okay to push - some how I was already open and ready to go!

After about 4 big pushes, Mark popped out with a little squeal. A
nurse helped me roll back over and they handed me my baby. He stopped
crying and tried then succeeded in opening his eyes.

He was content to look around for a while, then we eventually tried
nursing. He latched on after a few attempts and nursed for over a half
an hour.
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Date: 2013-08-14 13:20
Subject: for my Jan 2014 peeps
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Baby Girl at 17 weeks. Due Jan 9th.

ETA: Baby Girl is actually Baby Boy. !!
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Date: 2013-01-25 09:50
Subject: Pet Peeves re: death
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What I wish I could post on Facebook:

First off, when a person dies, they don't become an angel. An angel is a separate, created being. The person's soul may be in heaven, but not as an angel.

Second, to all my cousins, please try to wait at least a day, if not maybe half a day, before you post on Facebook that our aunt has passed. It just happened this morning, and some of us haven't received the call yet.

Maybe I'm just bitter?
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Date: 2012-09-19 16:59
Subject: Perspective
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Tags:family, mothering, random, spirituality, thoughtful, yay!
Yes, my children are high needs.

But they do not have special needs.

For as much complaining and whining as I do, I have to remember I have an extravagant number of blessings to be thankful for.

Life gave me lemonade. :)
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Date: 2011-11-02 13:16
Subject: AKD is 4 weeks old!
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The more I think about it, the more I think I had mild postpartum depression after Will was born. I mentioned this to Chad and he says, Yeah I thought you kinda did.

Everything turned out fine, but geez, why didn't he tell me way back when?

In related news, we're all doing well. I'm adjusting to have two kids fairly well I think. Everyone is fed and has clean clothes, and we've even gone on some weekend excursions. And I don't feel as "dark" and helpless as I did when Will was so young. But whether that was PPD, simple exhaustion, or inexperience I'll never know.

And Chad is such an amazing dad (and husband)! Such a family man. :)
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Date: 2011-09-29 18:08
Subject: Got Checked
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Tags:annemarie, pregnancy
I caved and got checked at my OB appt today.

3 cm dilated, 75% effaced, -1 station.

Nice to know those contractions are doing something!

Non-stress test at next week's appt, since I'll be over 40 weeks.
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Date: 2011-09-28 08:23
Subject: Another "PregnancyJournal" Post
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Tags:annemarie, pregnancy
I am 39w3d pregnant today!

Just wanted to note that, unlike the end of my pregnancy with Will, this time I AM feeling contractions at random times during the day. Nothing too painful, and certainly nothing organized, but occasionally I just have to pause and let the contraction happen. You know, in the middle of vacuuming or something. :)

Otherwise I'm fine! My feet swell sometimes if I'm standing too long. But then I just sit down. :p Sleep is getting harder... sometimes it's the contractions, sometimes it's Annemarie kicking me, sometimes I have to pee, sometimes my mind just won't go to sleep. I probably missed out on 2 hours of sleep last night because of it.

I really don't feel like I'm ready for her to be here yet. I mean, we have all the supplies and whatnot, but I'm not at all anxious about "When will she get here, come on!!!" or anything like that. I AM getting anxious about her coming early... I want her to come 'on time' because I'm afraid of what I'll have to go through if she's late, and like I said, I'm not really ready for her to come early/now.

I just really think my due date is off, and even the midwives said that if I make it to 42 weeks, I'll need to be induced. They'll try natural methods first... but obviously their goal would be to get the 'post-term' baby out.

Or you know, I could have her in the next two weeks and not have to worry about any of this. :)

Only 2 more days until I'm guaranteed an October Baby!! :D

Chad wants her to come Friday the 7th so he can maximize his time off from work since he get's the 10th off for Columbus Day. :p But I think that time frame would be perfect. :)
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Date: 2011-08-10 09:04
Subject: My LITTLE Annemarie
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This pregnancy has been incredibly uneventful! And yes, I'm glad! :)

Though, Annie has been measuring small my last couple of appointments. So I'm going to have an ultrasound in two weeks to make sure everything is okay. I have some very strong opinions about this:

1) I don't have a reliable due date, and the docs don't seem to care. I don't care either that I don't have a good due date, but they're basing everything off of my 12 week u/s and it's driving my CRAZY. I have no LMP since I was still breastfeeding and my period hadn't come back yet. And the u/s report specifically said I was 12 weeks plus or minus 1 week. So, 11-13 weeks. From the beginning. And now that Annie is measuring a few weeks small, they're surprised...?

2) I switched practices when I was 26 weeks (to save gas money, of all reasons), and I KNOW they received my records, but for some reason won't refer to them to see if I've been measuring small the whole time. At my appointments, I was told I was measuring "on schedule", which is a range of 4cm. If I've been small all along, does it matter than I'm 30 cm at 32 (maybe 31???) weeks?

3) I'm not "anti-ultrasound", but it does bug me that there are so many other issues (that are not medically related) with this besides Annemarie simply being small.

4) If we're going to have the u/s, I want it NOW! I did some Googling, and reasons for a baby being small are a) the dates are off, b) there's a genetic problem, or c) placental abruption. With the first two, there's nothing we can do anyway. But if she's not getting enough oxygen/nutrients because of a placental abruption, I'd like to know NOW and not in TWO WEEKS!! Ugh!

So the fact that my OB (who I really like otherwise) isn't concerned enough to have the u/s sooner, should I assume it's not a placenta problem? I have no other symptoms (ie cramps or spotting) that would indicate such a problem... so...?

Oh, and she WAS measuring small at her 20 week u/s. The tech didn't say anything, but the computer automatically puts up an EDD based on measurements and for most everything, it was reading Oct 6-8, not my current EDD of Oct 2. But they won't look at my records from my old OB. o_O

I guess I 'skipped' a month in this pregnancy already. Wouldn't hurt to go for one more week. (not that I care about EDDs anyway)
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Date: 2011-06-02 10:15
Subject: Prego Stuff
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Is someone going to buy me a baby book or can I just go ahead and get one myself? Don't want to be rude, but I wish I could send a mandate out for these things!! lol Just want to make sure I get one!


Anne Marie is really moving now. Rarely do I go an hour without a massive kick-fest. It's pretty awesome. :)

For the record, I was 124 lbs pre-pregnancy (02/2011), and 133 lbs on 05/12/2011. I feel like I really popped in the past few weeks, but since then, there hasn't been much visible growth.

Also, at the u/s, Anne Marie measured 18 weeks, even though I was 19 weeks. And my fundal height was also 19 weeks. Thought that was odd. But I have heard that with subsequent pregnancies you are bigger in the beginning until the baby starts to fill out more. But it makes we wonder if her due date is off? It only really matters because I don't want to be pressured into an induction.

And a PSA:
Yes, her name is first name Anne, middle name Marie. But please don't call her Anne. Her name is Anne Marie. Or Annie. Not Anne. I'm tempted to put them together and put in a new middle name just to clarify. We just didn't want her to have a super long name.

We decided to split it because we didn't want it to be too long or too hard to understand. deMontfort is a hard enough last name to live with (I like it! But seriously, it sounds like it's spelled and it's spelled like it sounds). So if we have "AnneMarie" as a first name and "Kay" for a middle (my mom's middle name), I could see her life going like this:

~~ My first name is AnneMarie, all one word, Anne with an 'e', capital M on Marie. Middle name is Kay, no, not just the letter K, K-A-Y. Last name is deMontfort, small d, capital M... no no, that's deMONTfort; d as in dog, o, m as in mark, o, n as in nancy... ~~

I do like the name AnneMarie Kay, but we thought Anne (first) Marie (middle) would make this easier. But her name isn't Anne!! sigh...
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Date: 2011-05-28 13:47
Subject: Pre-Memorial Day
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Tags:annemarie, family, garden, moms club, pregnancy, william
It's been a crazy fun week! And since I forgot my camera, I figured I need another medium to remember what happened.

Chad got a job offer for another company here in town. It's sort of a career defining switch, so he's really excited. And it's a pay raise, so you know. ;)

And it just so happened that Chad had to go on a last-minute TDY... to Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach!! So for Chad's last TDY, we took a mini-beach vacation. Stayed at the Hilton on the beach. The high was in the upper 80s, so not bad at all, especially on the water.

Will LOVED the beach! He loved digging in the sand, "Dig a small hole!", and he loved being knocked down by the waves. I took him in the pool where he kept walking up and down the steps and "making bubbles" by kicking his feet. The oatmeal at breakfast was amazing, and I looked SOO cute in my bathing suit with my baby bump. It was a tankini, btw, not a bikini. That would be nasty, lol.

Now, we're at Chad's parents, staying for the weekend "on the way" back home. We just came back from picking some wild blackberries, and I'm going to make some pie later. And Chad and I will be making grilled pizza for 10 people.

Anne Marie is doing very well, the pregnancy is going great. No news is good news. :)

And next weekend, we're celebrating Will's SECOND birthday, and we'll be having family in from out of town. I invited a bunch of local friends too, but everyone will be out of town!! Oh well, the bane of a summer birthday. But we're excited. :)

And, I've recently accepted the position of Secretary for a new MOMS Club chapter in South Houston County. I'm very excited to be in a leadership position again, especially Secretary. I chose this group to get involved in partly because one of the by-laws states that children are welcome at every and all events, so I can keep Will (and Annie) with me the whole time. He really doesn't do well in daycare/nurseries, so I feel this is the only way to do anything... and secretary is more behind the scenes work anyway, not teaching a class or something.

And our garden is exploding with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I'm waiting not-so-patiently for my huge 'yellow' peppers to turn colors.

But yeah. Summer's going great. :)
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